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Advice for Decision Making

Common subjects

A Decision Making and Appeals

Chapter A1 - Principles of decision making and evidence

Chapter A2 - Claims

Chapter A3 - Revision

Chapter A4 - Supersession, suspension and termination

Chapter A5 - Appeals - PIP and UC only

Chapter A6 - Staying

Annex C - Issues for decision by HM Revenue and Customs

Annex D - Decisions and determinations that are appealable

Annex E - Decisions and determinations that are not appealable

Annex G - Extracts from the European Convention

Annex K - Neutral citation

Annex L - Prefixes to reported Commissioner's decisions

Annex M - Example of application of section 7

B Subjects common to UC, PIP, ESA and JSA

Chapter B1 - Payment of UC, PIP, ESA and JSA

Chapter B2 - Restrictions on payment of benefit - benefit offences

Chapter B3 - Evidence of age and death

C International Issues

Chapter C1 - Universal Credit

Chapter C2 - International issues: Personal Independence Payment

Chapter C3 - Jobseeker's Allowance

Chapter C4 - Employment and Support Allowance

D Subjects common to UC, ESA and JSA

Chapter D1 - Overpayments, recoverability, adjustments, civil penalties and recoupment - UC, JSA and ESA

Chapter D2 - Third Party Deductions UC, JSA and ESA

Chapter D3 - Deductions from benefit in respect of FRM and CMD UC, JSA and ESA

Chapter D4 - Loan interest payments paid direct to qualifying lender UC, JSA and ESA

Universal Credit

E Universal Credit: basic entitlement, awards and restrictions

Chapter E1 - Introduction and entitlement

Chapter E2 - Benefit unit, awards and maximum amount

Chapter E3 - Special cases

Chapter E4 - Universal Credit - Living together as a married couple

Chapter E5 - Benefit cap

F Universal Credit: elements

Chapter F1 - Child element

Chapter F2 - Housing costs element

Chapter F3 - Housing costs element - support for renters

Chapter F4 - Housing costs element - support for owner occupiers

Chapter F5 - Work capability elements

Chapter F6 - Carer element

Chapter F7 - Childcare costs element

G Universal Credit: capability for work or work-related activity

Chapter G1 - Work Capability Assessment

Chapter G2 - Limited capability for work

Chapter G3 - Limited capability for work and work-related activity

H Universal Credit: capital, income and students

Chapter H1 - Capital

Chapter H2 - Capital disregards

Chapter H3 - Earned income - employed earnings

Chapter H4 - Earned income - self-employed earnings

Chapter H5 - Unearned income

Chapter H6 - Students and student income

J Universal Credit: claimant responsibilities

Chapter J1 - The claimant commitment

Chapter J2 - Work-related groups

Chapter J3 - Work-related requirements

K Universal Credit: sanctions

Chapter K1 - Sanctions - general principles

Chapter K2 - Good reason

Chapter K3 - Higher level sanctions

Chapter K4 - Medium level sanctions

Chapter K5 - Low level sanctions

Chapter K6 - Lowest level sanctions

Chapter K7 - Effect of ESA and JSA sanctions on UC

Chapter K8 - When a reduction is to have effect

Chapter K9 - Amount of reduction

L Universal Credit and hardship

Chapter L1 - Hardship

Chapter L2 - Sure Start Maternity Grants

Chapter L3 - Funeral Payments

Chapter L4 - Cold Weather Payments

M Universal Credit: transition

Chapter M1 - Pathfinder Group - claims for UC

Chapter M2 - Pathfinder Group - Effects of transition to UC

Chapter M3 - Gateway conditions Pathfinder Group - claims for UC from 16 June 2014

Chapter M4 - Gateway conditions Pathfinder Group - effects of transition to UC from 16 June 2014

Personal Independence Payment

P Personal Independence Payment

Chapter P1 - Conditions of entitlement

Chapter P2 - Assessment for PIP

Chapter P3 - Hospitals, similar institutions and care homes

Chapter P4 - Exceptions to normal payability rules

Chapter P5 - Transitional provisions

Chapter P6 - Good reason

Jobseeker's Allowance

R Jobseeker's Allowance Pt 1

Chapter R1 - JSPs and JSA contributions conditions

Chapter R2: JSA conditions of entitlement

Chapter R3 - JSA claimant responsibilities - the claimant commitment

Chapter R4 - JSA claimant responsiblities - work-related requirements

Chapter R5 - Trade disputes

S Jobseeker's Allowance Pt 2

Chapter S1 - JSA amounts payable and part-week payments

Chapter S2 - JSA and employed earners

Chapter S3 - JSA, self-employed earners and share fishermen

Chapter S4 - JSA sanctions - general principles

Chapter S5 - JSA higher-level sanctions

Chapter S6 - JSA medium-level sanctions

Chapter S7 - JSA low-level sanctions

Chapter S8 - JSA transition

Employment and Support Allowance

U Employment and Support Allowance Pt 1

Chapter U1: ESA conditions of entitlement

Chapter U2 - ESA limited capability for work-related activity

Chapter U3 - ESA claimant responsibilities - the claimant commitment

Chapter U4 - ESA claimant responsibilities - work-related requirement groups

Chapter U5 - ESA claimant responsibilities - work-related requirements

Chapter U6 - ESA disqualification

Chapter U7 - ESA award made pending appeal

V Employment and Support Allowance Pt 2

Chapter V1 - ESA amounts of allowance and part-week payments

Chapter V2 - Duration of ESA award

Chapter V3 - ESA - effect of work

Chapter V4 - ESA and employed earners

Chapter V5 - ESA and self-employed earners

Chapter V7 - ESA sanctions

Chapter V8 - ESA transition